Sterre Jacobs

Sterre Jacobs
You have the freedom here to try things out and really make a difference with your own ideas.
Sterre Jacobs
Current role
Recruitment specialist

Sterre Jacobs is recruitment specialist at Radboud University.

“As Radboud University’s Recruitment Department, we provide support for the recruitment and communications for all vacancies within the organisation. I’m responsible for the full coordination and supervision of several additional recruitment projects. The job market has become increasingly tighter in recent years, which makes some positions difficult to fill with the right talent. 

It’s the variety in my work that I find most interesting. There are so many different projects, each of which involves a different approach. Sometimes you’ll need to recruit catering staff, and at other times  a professor. I also like the freedom that this work offers. I get to try out things that I think will work and things that I’m interested in. You can learn a lot from that. 

In addition, what I do here really matters and I get to contribute indirectly to high-quality research and education. When one of our campaigns helps us finally find that one professor we’ve been looking for, it makes me feel like I’m doing my bit for society. I come from the private sector and it was sometimes hard to see what my added value was there, whereas I feel like I’m making an impact here.

The work environment within our department is very informal. Everyone is there for each other and I feel supported. For example, it’s no problem if you want to take a day off. There are also all kinds of opportunities for continued self-development. 

Communication with the vacancy holders from the various faculties and departments also runs fairly smoothly, although some people are more sceptical than others. We’re one of the first universities to engage in recruitment marketing in this way, so it’s not surprising that they’re not used to our approach. Afterwards, when a position has been filled by a high-quality candidate, the vacancy holders are excited after all about the process. Those reactions also make my work extra special.”