Twee collega's werken samen aan een laptop
Twee collega's werken samen aan een laptop

Working in IT

In a world that is constantly changing and becoming more complex, it's IT professionals like you who are at the forefront of groundbreaking scientific research. With your curiosity, ambition to push boundaries, desire to explore new technologies, and the courage to experiment, you form an indispensable foundation for modern research. From your unique role, you contribute to groundbreaking solutions for challenges that truly matter. Interested in how you can contribute to groundbreaking solutions at our university? Continue reading on this page to discover how you, as an IT specialist at Radboud University, can make a difference.

What our colleagues say

My varied and independent range of tasks ensures that, after nearly twenty years in service, I keep developing my skills.
A portrait photo of Marek Tyc
Marek Tyc Team Leader IT Support Read Marek's story
At Radboud University, I can solve complex IT puzzles that indirectly contribute to education and research.
Portretfoto van Yvon Aartse
Yvon Aartse Software developer/administrator Read Yvon's story

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Twee collega's wandelen in het bos bij het Erasmusgebouw

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View all jobs within IT.

View all jobs within IT.
Within IT, colleagues come into contact with all facets of the university.
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Iwan Holleman Division director - Information & Library Services Read Iwan's story
Digital Security researchers at ICIS

You have a part to play!

Radboud University contributes to a healthy, free world with equal opportunities for everyone. And for this purpose, we need diverse and multifaceted people, from all over the world, who want to share and expand their knowledge and experience. So that together we can realise your and our ambitions. And if you wish to develop your potential, you will be given ample opportunity. You will also find that our terms of employment focus on your needs, which makes it possible for us to help you achieve a good work-life balance.

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