In conversation about IT at Radboud University

Portrait photo of Iwan Holleman
Within IT, colleagues come into contact with all facets of the university.
Iwan Holleman
Current role
Division director - Information & Library Services

For Iwan Holleman, building bridges to research and education is the significance of IT within Radboud University. As the director of the Information & Library Services division, he aims to contribute to the societal impact the university pursues. 'The sense of contributing to spectacular developments is what we strive for.'

What challenges does IT face within Radboud University?

'Within the IT field, we are closely connected to education and can practically assist research with tools and other knowledge. How beautiful is that! IT supports all levels within the data, information, and knowledge pyramid, from data production to the acquisition and transmission of knowledge. This includes facilitating the use of our special heritage collections, data management for open science, and the online collaboration of students and staff.

My driving force is the societal impact you achieve. We help the next generation of students find a place in society and indirectly contribute to groundbreaking research, such as the first image of the black hole that is famous worldwide. The feeling of contributing to such spectacular developments is what we aim for.'

What makes working at Radboud University truly different from a job in the business sector?

'A university is a non-profit organisation. Everything we do revolves around research and education. With the students we annually educate and prepare for the job market, we have a significant societal impact. Additionally, we conduct distinctive and groundbreaking research. I can't imagine any other organisation where this is possible. So, we're not here to make a profit, but to use the resources we have as effectively as possible. That's a different mindset. We turn it around and genuinely aim to make an impact.'

What growth can new colleagues experience here?

'You encounter all facets of the university and develop a broad perspective. We have a lot to offer. The university is like a large candy store where much is happening. Choosing from all the possibilities might be the biggest challenge. And importantly, the university rarely puts on the brakes and provides all the support, training, and coaching.'