Application procedure

When you apply for a job, you will need to go through the job application process. Find out more about the job application process and how we handle your data and how we treat external and internal candidates who have applied for a job.


Below is a general outline of the job application process.


Once the initial stage of the selection process has taken place, you will be notified about whether you will be invited to attend an interview, whether your application has been rejected or whether your application will be kept on file. We aim to respond to applicants as soon as possible, but no later than four weeks after the vacancy has closed.


Depending on the position for which you have applied, you will attend several face-to-face or online interviews with at least one committee. If required, you may discuss with the committee whether travel costs or other reasonable costs associated with the interview will be reimbursed. A discussion about salary and employment conditions will follow once you have been selected for the position. See the section ‘salary scale and employment contract’ for more information.

External recruitment and recruitment agencies

For some vacancies, we employ an external agency so that they can organise the recruitment and selection process. In such cases, we will refer to the agency in the job advertisement and you will be required to contact a recruiter from this agency; this same person may also conduct your initial interview.

If you are an internal candidate and you have met the formal criteria listed in the job advertisement, you will usually be invited to take part in an interview or a selection interview with a recruiter from the chosen agency.

References and assessment

For some positions, we may elect to consult a number of your references to assist us in our selection. However, we will only contact these references with your permission. Sometimes an assessment will also form part of the job application process.


For some positions, including vulnerable ones, a more extensive screening will also be carried out as part of the recruitment and selection process. If a screening is to be carried out, this will be specified in the job advertisement. You will receive further information about this during the job application process.


If you have attended an interview, you will be personally informed about the interview’s outcome.

Salary scale and employment contract

If you are selected for a position, you will receive a terms of employment proposal including a salary offer via email. This offer corresponds to a step within the salary scale indicated in the vacancy. The step depends on the number of years of relevant work experience for the position. The maximum salary offer you can receive is the last step in the relevant scale.

You discuss the salary offer and all other matters concerning your employment contract in a terms of employment meeting with an HR representative. This discussion is often held with someone other than the person you have been in contact with during the application process. Once all parties have reached an agreement about the terms of employment, you will receive your contract of employment.


We will handle your personal data confidentially and carefully:

  • We will use the data and documents you have provided exclusively for the application procedure and will never make these available to third parties.
  • We will anonymise your personal data and delete all documents from our recruitment and selection system (Varbi) within four weeks of concluding the application procedure, unless otherwise agreed with you.
  • If an application procedure is not concluded in our recruitment and selection system (Varbi) within 12 months, your personal data will be anonymised and your documents will be deleted automatically, unless otherwise agreed with you.
  • If you are hired, we will store your data in your personnel file.

Priority given to internal candidates

Some vacancies are only open to internal candidates. Internal candidates will be entitled to an interview if they can demonstrate that they meet the requirements listed in the job advertisement. All other vacancies are open to everyone else. In cases where an internal candidate and an external candidate are equally suitable for a position, the internal candidate will always take precedence over the external candidate. 

As an internal candidate, your job application will obviously be treated confidentially. 

Unsolicited applications

Because Radboud University is a large organisation, we cannot accept an unsolicited application without a contact name. If you would like to keep updated on our vacancies, you can create a job alert. You will then be notified by email about our new job openings on a weekly basis. We warmly invite you to apply to any suitable vacancies.

More information

The job application process that you will need to go through will obviously also depend on the job for which you are applying. If you have any questions about this, please contact the contact person who is listed in the job advertisement.

Radboud University’s job application process is based on the NVP Recruitment Code and the university’s own Redeployment and Vacancy Filling Regulations.

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