Full Professor of Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

0.8 - 1.0 FTE
Gross monthly salary
€ 6,648 - € 9,680
Required background
Organizational unit
Faculty of Science
Application deadline
Are you a team player who likes to connect with other scientists? And are you an enthusiastic and entrepreneurial scientist with an excellent track record? If so, you have a part to play as professor in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics at the institute of Molecules and Materials.

Your research directions incorporate one or more of the following topics: (1) many-body quantum theory of real materials, (2) statistical physics of complex material systems, or (3) computational methods of condensed matter theory and their application to materials.

The Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics department currently has four permanent young and mid-career group leaders excelling in various research directions related to quantum matter. Their research directions include correlated electron systems, complex magnetism, spintronics and magnetisation dynamics, structural complexity and emergent phenomena, computational method development, and quantum transport in topologically non-trivial materials. You will have the opportunity to synergise your work with that of our young researchers, and you will be expected to provide opportunities to foster collaboration within the department as well as with the experimental departments working on spectroscopy of quantum matter.

Your teaching activities will be part of the Bachelor's and Master's programmes of the educational institute of Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy (WiNSt), which have strong ties with IMM's research. The educational programmes include communication and education, and business and management. You must have demonstrated excellent teaching abilities and an inspirational vision on academic teaching, specifically on condensed matter theory and statistical and computational physics. You have guiding principles for further development of the WiNSt curriculum, can incorporate the group's current research into courses, and are able to deliver these courses to students.

In addition, you have the academic leadership skills to manage a large group of researchers, students and technical staff. You are motivated to mentor and lead the TCM department, where you will foster a supportive, diverse and collaborative work environment. As a full professor, you should also be prepared to take up important management and leadership roles at IMM, WiNSt, the Faculty of Science, and nationally and internationally.


  • You have strong track record in research on the theory of condensed matter physics.
  • You are a team player willing to lead TCM and connect with other groups at IMM, thereby setting up new research directions.
  • You have strong teaching and supervision skills and are keen to participate in the educational programmes of Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy (WiNSt).
  • You have demonstrable experience in acquiring external funding.
  • You have demonstrable experience in administrative and organisational tasks.

We are

The Institute for Molecules and Materials is a research institute in chemistry and physics that fosters interdisciplinarity by crossing traditional boundaries. Its mission is to create, discover and understand processes and phenomena in atomic and molecular environments. We focus on fundamental research and explore the opportunities for societally relevant applications, thereby educating the next generation of leaders in science and innovation.

IMM distinguishes itself from similar institutes by intense collaborations between chemists and physicists and/or experimentalists and theoreticians as well as by our excellent infrastructure. This includes state-of-the-art chemistry and biochemistry labs, the Magnetic Resonance Research Center, the Nanolab, the Laserlab and international user facilities such as the High Field Magnet Laboratory and the Free Electron Laser Laboratory (HFML-FELIX).

IMM's research is subdivided into three interlinked Themes, connected to and supported by our unique research facilities: 1. Structure and Dynamics of Molecules, 2. Chemistry of Complex Systems and 3. Quantum Matter. The goal within the Quantum Matter Theme, into which the research of the Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics department is organised, is to understand, develop and manipulate materials based on collective or emergent quantum effects, working towards new types of functionalities. To this end, interactions in materials are manipulated at the most extreme limits, namely at the level of individual atoms, at ultra-short time scales, high pressures or in the highest magnetic fields. The quantum phases emerging under non-equilibrium conditions are investigated, both at material interfaces and in lower dimensional systems.

Radboud University

We are keen to meet critical thinkers who want to look closer at what really matters. People who, from their expertise, wish to contribute to a healthy, free world with equal opportunities for all. This ambition unites more than 24,000 students and 5,600 employees at Radboud University and requires even more talent, collaboration and lifelong learning. You have a part to play!

We offer

  • It concerns an employment for 0.8 - 1.0 FTE.
  • The gross monthly salary amounts to a minimum of € 6,648 and a maximum of €9,680 based on a 38-hour working week, depending on previous education and number of years of relevant work experience (salary scale H2).
  • You will receive 8% holiday allowance and 8.3% end-of-year bonus.
  • It concerns a permanent contract.
  • You will be able to use our Dual Career and Family Care Services. Our Dual Career and Family Care Officer can assist you with family-related support, help your partner or spouse prepare for the local labour market, provide customized support in their search for employment and help your family settle in Nijmegen.
  • Working for us means getting extra days off. In case of full-time employment, you can choose between 30 or 41 days of annual leave instead of the legally allotted 20.

Additional employment conditions

Work and science require good employment practices. This is reflected in Radboud University's primary and secondary employment conditions. You can make arrangements for the best possible work-life balance with flexible working hours, various leave arrangements and working from home. You are also able to compose part of your employment conditions yourself, for example, exchange income for extra leave days and receive a reimbursement for your sports subscription. And of course, we offer a good pension plan. You are given plenty of room and responsibility to develop your talents and realise your ambitions. Therefore, we provide various training and development schemes.

Would you like more information?

For questions about the position, please contact Gerrit Groenenboom, Full Professor at g.groenenboom [at] theochem.ru.nl (g[dot]groenenboom[at]theochem[dot]ru[dot]nl).

Practical information and applying

You can apply until 4 February 2024, exclusively using the button below. Kindly address your application to Gerrit Groenenboom. Please fill in the application form and attach the following documents:
  • A letter of motivation.
  • Your CV, including a list op publications.
  • A selection of a maximum of three references to publications that were the result of a collaborative effort and a brief narrative of your role in the collaboration.
  • A research statement (max. 2 pages).
  • A teaching statement (max. 1 page).
Incomplete applications will not be considered.

We can imagine you're curious about our application procedure. It offers a rough outline of what you can expect during the application process, how we handle your personal data and how we deal with internal and external candidates.
Apply now Application deadline

We would like to recruit our new colleague ourselves. Acquisition in response to this vacancy will not be appreciated.

Prof. G.C. Groenenboom (Gerrit)

Full Professor

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