Medewerkers lopen bij het Maria Montessorigebouw
Medewerkers lopen bij het Maria Montessorigebouw


Employees share how they make an impact in their role and why they work at Radboud University. Read how our colleagues contribute to themes like sustainability, diversity and inclusion, how they experience the culture and what it means to work at our green campus.

Scientific staff

I try to help budding academics feel just as at home at Radboud University as I do.
Laura van Niftrik
Laura van Niftrik Professor of Microbiology at the Faculty of Science Read Laura's story
At Radboud University, I have the opportunity to concentrate on important topics like diversity and inclusion.
Portret Inti Brazil
Inti Brazil Associate Professor of Neuropsychology and Rehabilitation Psychology Read Inti's story
The open and safe environment at Radboud University is extremely inspiring. I’ve felt totally at home here for over twenty years.
Hans de Kroon hoogleraar plant ecologie
Hans de Kroon Professor at the Faculty of Science Read Hans' story

Non-scientific staff

The university is not only a traditional institution, it is also an innovative one. It’s wonderful to work in a place that is helping to shape the future.
Marije Klomp Programmadirecteur duurzaamheid
Marije Klomp Sustainability Programme Director at Radboud University Read Marije's story
The green campus is truly unique: There are not many organisations where several eateries, a greenhouse and a church are part of your work area.
Portretfoto Nardus Platenkamp
Nardus Platenkamp Team Lead Project & Program Management Read Nardus' story
I love it when I see students grow and take brave steps. As a teacher, I am grateful that I can and may help them with that.
Een portretfoto van Barbara van Riel: een witte vrouw met lang oranje haar.
Barbara van Riel Teacher in Administrative Law and teacher-ambassador Read Barbara's story

PhD Candidates

Because of the interesting research, the constant innovation and friendly atmosphere, I’m excited to progress in this unique environment.
Portretfoto Nikhil Seeja Sivakumar
Nikhil Seeja Sivakumar PhD candidate at the Faculty of Science Read Nikhil's story
Moving to a new country can make you feel quite rootless, but at Radboud University, I felt welcome and supported.
Portretfoto Farnaz Mosannenzadeh
Farnaz Mosannenzadeh PhD Candidate at the Behavioral Science Institute Read Farnaz's story
I quickly found my rhythm at Radboud University because of the great support, internationally friendly environment and likeminded people.
Een portretfoto van Yuxuan Dai
Yuxuan Dai PhD Candidate at the Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging Read Yuxuan's story
Medewerkers overleggen buiten het Berchmanianum

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