Hans de Kroon

Hans de Kroon hoogleraar plant ecologie
The open and safe environment at Radboud University is extremely inspiring. I’ve felt totally at home here for over twenty years.
Hans de Kroon
Current role
Professor at the Faculty of Science

Hans de Kroon is a Professor of Plant Ecology and an initiator of the Healthy Landscape Research Consortium.

"I have freedom of movement at Radboud University. I can share my ideas with people from my own faculty, but I can also approach my colleagues from totally different academic disciplines. People are genuinely interested in each other and there is an ever-present air of equality. This type of open and safe environment is extremely inspiring. It has also led to extraordinary projects like the Healthy Landscape Research Consortium, in which ecologists, communication scientists and lawyers are contributing towards the restoration of nature. Collaboration can make a difference, and this is also evident from the way in which the university supports its academic staff. Research is fully embraced and promoted, which is affirmed by the way that it’s been used in the ‘You Have a Part to Play’ campaign. This actually enhances the social impact of our work. It makes me proud to be able to say that I’m conducting my research at Radboud University. I’ve felt totally at home here for over twenty years."

Hans de Kroon the Radboud Universiteit campus