Robot in gesprek met medewerkers in een lab

We need all the brainpower we can get.

The combination of human intelligence and artificial intelligence is sometimes seen as the next step in our society.
It could lead to an improved functioning society.
A society that might be better able to cope with the current challenges we face as humanity today: more sustainable, healthy and fair.
If we dare to work together, artificial intelligence could be the way forward.
Will you help us on our way?

  • I came to Radboud University because of the societally relevant research, but I stayed because of the supportive environment, the green campus and the welcoming city.
    Portret van Giulio Mecacci
    Giulio Mecacci Assistant Professor - Societal Implications of AI Read Giulio's story
  • The wide variety of fascinating topics the students choose to investigate makes this job interesting and rewarding.
    A portrait of Lotte van Elteren
    Lotte van Elteren Junior lecturer and PhD Candidate at SIAC Read Lotte's story
Pim Haselager praat over zijn onderzoek tegen publiek

'To develop AI that truly helps people, we need socially diverse brainpower.'

Professor Pim Haselager explains his research on the human side of AI.


Research group SIAC at Donders Institute

The SIAC group (Societal Implications of AI & Cognitive Neuroscience) aims to answer questions surrounding the social implications of AI and neurotechnology as well as the consequences for human agency and responsibility for action. They also look at how a societally responsible technical and institutional design promotes human-centered innovation in these fields.

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Women in science

Radboud University strives for a diversified workforce in order to shape education and research from different perspectives. We are taking targeted action to appoint talented men and women of different nationalities to senior positions and to keep them at our university. To achieve this, talented, young women can count on support during their career in the form of a mentor programme. There are two active women's networks: the Halkes Women Faculty Network and the Women Professors Network.

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