HR excellence in Research

Equal opportunities for everyone and for all researchers around the world. Radboud University believes in the importance of labour market transparency and aims to see that this is improved for all researchers. We have achieved this by ensuring that our job vacancies are advertised in the public sphere, and by creating an accessible work environment and plenty of career opportunities.

Charter and Code

Logo HR Excellence in Research

To create an open and transparent European research climate, the European Commission has adopted a European Charter for Researchers and a Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.

These two documents, addressed to researchers as well as to employers and funders in both the public and private sectors, are key elements in the European Union's policy to make research an attractive career.

Click here for more information about The European Charter and Code for Researchers.

HR strategy for Researchers (HRS4R)

The HR Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) encourages research institutions to implement the Charter and Code in their policies. The HR excellence in research logo is awarded to research institutions that have been acknowledged by the European Commission for having made significant progress in implementing the Charter & Code. Because Radboud University believes an open and transparent European research climate to be important, the university joined the HRS4R project aiming to incorporate the Charter & Code.

Internal analysis

An internal analysis is made to see if the Radboud University fulfils the requirements of the Charter & Code. An action plan aimed at improving gaps in our HR policy has been formulated for issues that need improvement.

This internal analysis is conducted in 2013 and can be found here (pdf, 222 kB). The internal analysis also contains the action plan 2013 – 2017.

Self-assessment report

This report provides an update on actions proposed in the Radboud University HRS4R Action Plan 2013 – 2017 submitted to the European Commission in 2013. The report provides an overview of progress against stated actions and comments on areas where progress has not been made to the same level. Also several additional actions have been included in the action plan 2013 – 2017. The European Commission has positively evaluated this self assessment and concluded that the Radboud University has successfully improved their HR policies so far.

Click here (pdf, 650 kB) for the self-assessment report.

Internal review

This report provides an internal review regarding the actions proposed in the Radboud University action plan 2013 – 2017, and the self-assessment report. The report contains an overview of progress against the stated actions and comments on areas where progress has not been made to the desired level. Also the report contains an analysis of the initial gaps and added with a current analysis of our current strengths and weaknesses this has led to a new action plan for the period of 2018 – 2022.

In this analysis the newly stated improvement actions mainly follow the Radboud University Strategy ‘A significant impact’ 2020 – 2025. The internal review document forms the basis of an external review by the European Commission of our progress and will lead to an extension of our HR logo award until 2022. This external review is planned for 4th quarter of 2020.

Click here (pdf, 820 kB) for the Internal Review report

Click here (pdf, 106 kB) for the renewed action plan 2018 – 2022

Site visit 5 March 2020

Part of the internal review process is a site visit. During this visit, an external assessment team of researchers of other universities will assess if Radboud University has endorsed the HRS4R in practice. Through a general meeting, several interviews with people involved and a closing meeting the assessment team gathers information to evaluate the quality of the HR progress by the university. The agenda for the site visit on 5 March 2020 can be found here (pdf, 362 kB).

OTM-R recruitment guide/ OTM-R Checklist

Here you will find a guide and a checklist on Open Transparent and Merit (OTM) based Recruitment at Radboud University. Both are part of the Internal Review for the HR Excellence in Research Logo. Moreover the Recruitment guide provides guidance to improve our recruitment processes aimed at open, transparent and merit based recruitment. The recruitment guide is part of an online information portal for superiors within the Radboud University.

The checklist gives a broad overview concerning our current policy and addresses possibilities to improve our recruitment.

Click here (pdf, 342 kB) for the Recruitment Guide.

Click here (pdf, 231 kB) for the OTM-R Checklist.