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    Visit our Bachelor's Open Day and attend information sessions about the Bachelor's of your interest, get to know our green campus, and ask all your questions to students and staff.

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    Join us for the Master's Open Day! Discover our campus and get information on all our Dutch and English-taught (pre-)Master's programmes. For some programmes you can also join the Master's Open Day online.

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    Not quite sure if a Master's programme is right for you? Spend a day with a student of the programme! You have the possibility to discover the campus, attend lectures, meet students and ask questions to students and lecturers.


Hindostaanse contractarbeiders in het immigrantendepot, Hendrik Doijer, 1903 - 1910

Suriname death records reveal fate of Hindustani indentured labourers after slavery

An important step in making Surinamese history visible after slavery will be taken on 17 April 2024. Death certificates from 1846-1915 make visible the history of Hindustani indentured labourers, which was previously often missing from archives.

Uiterst Vertrouwelijk: ouderwetse typmachine voor cryptografische doeleinden

New book dives into history of Dutch secret service

In this new Dutch book, Rowin Jansen, Bart Jacobs and other experts delve into history to reflect on the state of intelligence and security services today.

Erasmusgebouw lente

Report to strengthen support structure for social safety

Radboud University has expressed its ambition to see a significant improvement in social safety by the end of 2025. The report 'Social safety at Radboud University' helps students and staff to know where they stand.


Ken jezelf | Lezing en gesprek met filosoof Tinneke Beeckman

Know Yourself

How to know yourself? Flemish philosopher Tinneke Beeckman consults the classical philosophers in her quest for answers for the big questions of life. Come and learn how philosophy can help us in our search for ourselves.

The Future of the Mind in a Digital Society | Lecture and conversation with lawyer and behavioral neuroscientist Emily Murphy and brain scientist Alan Sanfey

Kick-off meeting SIG Neurodiversity in education

In the SIG meetings, we will discuss and explore a number of questions about the possible implications of neurodiversity for higher education.

Example of a reconstruction of a fugitive, based on advertisements in 19th-century South African newspapers

Public lecture Kathryn Smith

Professor of Visual Arts Kathryn Smith (Stellenbosch University) will discuss her critically fabulated work for ‘Fugitive’ and the Sutherland Reburial project.