Radboud University

Terms and conditions for the registration of paid events of Radboud University

The following terms and conditions apply for the registration of paid events of Radboud University  using the payment module Ingenico within the subdomain https://webforms.ru.nl.

1. General data

At registration for paid events the following information applies.
Name: Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
Address: Houtlaan 4, 6525 XZ  Nijmegen
Contact: 024-3616161, info@communicatie.ru.nl
IBAN: NL24INGB0001363505
Chamber of Commerce: 41055629
Branch number: 000021375372
VAT number: NL0029.68.721.B01

2. Non-profit

Radboud University's paid events are non-profit. Radboud University is not a trade company and therefore the Distance Selling Act (in Dutch wet Koop op Afstand) does not apply to the events we offer.

3. Paid events

Events are offered exclusively through http://www.ru.nl and http://webforms.ru.nl. The total amount for a paid event is always indicated. Radboud University does not charge any service fees or other costs afterwards.

4. Registration procedure & payment

With a registration form people can register for an event.  For paid events the form is linked to the payment module Ingenico.
Depending on the event it's possible to pay using PayPal, MasterCard, Visa Card, Maestro or V PAY. A credit card payment will be debited immediately.
After completing the registration procedure, the subscriber will receive a confirmation of registration and payment at the email address added during the registration.

5. Registration and participation

Registrations will be processed in order of receipt. Confirmation of your registration is not a confirmed participation yet. After payment and processing a confirmation of participation will be send. This confirmation - an e-mail or an e-ticket - allows access to the event.
Registration and participation is personal and cannot/must not be transferred to other persons. Reselling the confirmation and/or e-ticket is prohibited and makes participation invalid.

6. Barcode Ticket

E-tickets must be clearly legible when printed or clearly visible when shown on a tablet or smartphone at the entrance to the event.

7. Withdrawal & Refund

Registration for a paid event may be cancelled up to 7 days before the event starts without  mentioning a reason. Cancellation should be made known to the organizer of the event by email. Refund of the entry fee paid will only take place if the cancellation is send by email to the organizer, including the registration data and correct IBAN, no later than 7 days before the event is due to begin.

8. Changes in events

Radboud University reserves the right to make changes to events we offer. If an event only has a limited number of registrations the event could be cancelled or postponened. Entry fees will be refunded in such a case.

10. Complaints

Radboud University makes every effort to provide substantive and high-quality  events. However, it's possible there might be complaints or disappointments about an event. In that case please contact the organizer of the event first. We also refer to the general complaints procedure of the Radboud University.