Radboud University



Radboud University's scientific education and research are being executed within these faculties:

Faculty boards

The Executive Board has a statuary responsibility for the University and establishes the general policy for the seven faculties. Each faculty has its own faculty board that leads and governs the faculty, determining the course charted by the faculty as a whole.

José Sanders

Faculty of Arts
Dean: prof. dr. J.M. (José) Sanders

prof. mr. R.J.B. (Roel) Schutgens

Faculty of Law
Dean: prof. mr. R.J.B. (Roel) Schutgens

Jan Smit

Faculty of Medical sciences
Dean: prof. dr. Jan W.A. Smit

Tom Elfring

Nijmegen School of Management
Dean: prof. dr. T. (Tom) Elfring

prof. dr. H.L Murre-van den Berg

Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies
Dean: prof. dr. H.L (Heleen) Murre-van den Berg

Sijbrand de Jong - Fotograaf Gerard kopie

Faculty of Science
Dean: prof. dr. S.J. (Sijbrand) de Jong

Prof. dr. M.A.J. Kompier

Faculty of Social Science
Dean: Prof. dr. M.A.J. (Michiel) Kompier

Board of Directors Radboudumc

Together with the academic hospital, the Faculty of Medical Sciences forms the Radboud University Medical Center (Radboudumc). The dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences is part of the Radboudumc board.

  • Dr. B.E. Lahuis, president Board of Directors
  • Prof. dr. Jan W.A. Smit, dean/vice president Board of Directors
  • M. Janssen, member Board of Directors
  • C.J. Ploem, member Board of Directors