Radboud University

Radboud Services and Administration Office

Radboud Services is managed by Gerard van Assem, director of Radboud Services.

Radboud Services
Radboud Services supports and facilitates research and education at Radboud University. It provides the necessary facilities for this, contributes to a friendly and inspiring work and living environment for students, staff and guests from the Netherlands and abroad, and ensures that efficient administrative processes and policy development processes are available and implemented.

Radboud Services consists of six divisions: Academic Affairs, Campus & Facilities, Information & Library Services, Marketing & Communications, Human Resources and Finance & Control. The Management Support Office is the staff department of Radboud Services.

Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs supports the development and implementation of the strategic policy for education, research, impact and students in close collaboration with the faculties.

Acting division director: Fokke Aukema
Secretary: Marioes Gerrits en Marjolein Mars-Heijmans
Email: academicaffairs@ru.nl

Campus & Facilities

Campus & Facilities is responsible for the development and management of the facilities on campus.

Division director: Gerben Smit
Secretary: Wilma van Alfen
Phone: (024) 361 25 70
Email: Directiesecretariaat-cenf@ru.nl

Information & Library Services

Information & Library Services is primarily focused on storing and sharing information about research and education, both now and in the future. The University Library is part of this division.

Division director: Iwan Holleman
Secretary: Ellie Janssen Bouwmeester
Phone: (024) 361 79 99
Email: Informationlibraryservices@ru.nl

Marketing & Communications

Marketing & Communications works on the visibility, findability and appeal of Radboud University with the aim of binding internal and external target groups to it.

Division director: Pim van Zanen
Secretary: Diana Beers
Phone: (024) 361 58 04
Email: secretariaatDMC@ru.nl

Human Resources

Human Resources focuses on developing and implementing a modern HR policy.

Division director: Patricia Gielis
Secretary: vacancy
Phone: (024) 361 13 07
Email: HRSecretariaat@ru.nl

Finance & Control

Finance & Control is responsible for the central financial administration, for managing and support tendering processes, and for financial control.

Division director: Arjen Peters
Secretary: Marian Bekker
Phone: (024) 361 14 85
Email: secretariaat@cif.ru.nl