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Being queer in a small city with a big heart: ‘This place can be a real safe haven’

The gay scene in Nijmegen is a small, but active one. Local LGBTQ+ youth organisation Dito seeks to offer a space for young queer persons, right in the heart of the city. Because the freedom to be yourself, to love whoever you want to love, and to claim a spot in a society where one is constantly faced with the pressure to label oneself, is not as self-evident for everybody. Though Rens Makkink, board member at Dito, believes Nijmegen is a safe city for his community, there is still plenty of room for improvement. Today, the DEI Office sat down for a conversation with this 23-year-old Radboud student to talk about his organisation, the challenges he faces, and the support he receives from his peers.

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