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DEI Ambassadors

DEI Staff Ambassadors

The new DEI Ambassadors Programme for University staff aims to break harmful structures and increase knowledge about inclusive leadership and communication. Join this programme and learn to create more inclusive working environments!

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DEI Student Ambassadors

DEI Student Ambassadors actively contribute to making the campus more diverse, equal and inclusive by raising awareness of (unconscious) prejudices and sharing knowledge with fellow students.

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What is DEI?

Do you know what the words diversity, equity and inclusion actually mean? Our student ambassadors have explained its definitions in the following document!

Why should you care about DEI?

What is the importance of taking into account diversity, equity, and inclusion? We will explain this to you in the following document!

Awareness of DEI

Check for yourself whether you or your study or student association can be considered inclusive.

Steps to take as an individual

Our student ambassadors explain in the following document what you can do as an individual to create an inclusive and diverse environment.

Steps to take as an association

Do you want to learn how to create an inclusive environment within your association? To make sure everyone feels welcome? Read our tips!

DEI: plan, act and evaluate

Are you planning on organising an event and would you like to know how to do this inclusively? Read our checklist below!