Radboud University

Gender Equality Plan

Radboud University has a proud history of emancipatory activities that have contributed to gender equality and diversity within the academic institution. The university recognizes considerable efforts made at various levels, but also understands that there is the need and opportunity to do more. Therefore, the Gender Equality Plan (GEP) summarizes existing and planned interventions for gender equality at Radboud University for 2021-2025. Being endorsed by the Executive Board, it is a living document allowing for feedback from a wider community at Radboud University (including relevant stakeholders as identified in Section 4) through a consultation process and regular progress reports in 2022-2025. ​

This document is on the agenda for discussion soon with the participatory board and subject to changes.

From 2022 onwards, the Horizon Europe eligibility criterion requires that the GEP be a formal document published on the institution’s website; signed by the top management; actively communicated within the institution; and be accompanied by regular progress reports. It should demonstrate a commitment to gender equality, set clear goals and detailed actions and measures to achieve them. The GEP may be published alongside or within wider action plans for broader inclusion and diversity, in order to meet the Horizon Europe eligibility criterion, but it is essential that the GEP includes specific commitments, goals, actions and resources dedicated to improving gender equality within the organisation and its activities. To this effect, the GEP is aligned with the University’s general strategy A Significant Impactand the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan 2021-2025. It was developed in partnership with the Chief Diversity Officer and Research and Impact division, taking into account the input from various stakeholders across the University.