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Discussion Paper Series | IZA Institute of Labor Economics

Date of news: 17 January 2022

Gender Discrimination
This paper provides a bird's eye view of the literature on gender discrimination.

Gender Norms and the Motherhood Employment Gap

This study underscores the role of gender norms and maternal employment, suggesting that non-traditional gender norms mediate on the employment gender gap mainly via motherhood.

The Gender Application Gap: Do Men and Women Apply for the Same Jobs?
This paper provides evidence on gender differences in applied-for jobs for the broader labor market.

Adams and Eves: The Gender Gap in Economics Majors
This paper investigates the gender gap in Economics among bachelor's and master's graduates in Italy between 2010 and 2019.

Did the Minimum Wage Reduce the Gender Wage Gap in Germany?
This study analyses the impact of the German minimum wage introduction in 2015 on the gender wage gap.

The Effect of Alimony Reform on Married Women's Labor Supply: Evidence from the American Time Use Survey
This paper investigates the effect of alimony reducing reforms on married couples.

Men Are from Mars, and Women Too: A Bayesian Meta-Analysis of Overconfidence Experiments
This paper discusses how gender differences in self-confidence could explain women's under representation in high-income occupations and glass-ceiling effects.