Radboud University

Join Us in Solidarity

Date of news: 16 March 2021

What is in a name, a marker, a print, an imprint, a fingerprint, an identifier? I think for many of us it is a conscious depiction of identity, a way to define ourselves as different and unique at the same time! What are our DEI wishes at Radboud University if not to jointly map a path towards the promotion of a safe, inclusive and equitable campus society that embraces and embodies diversity and the values of social justice for all and seeks to unapologetically advocate and agitate for positive change? How can we lead, facilitate, mentor, stimulate each other to achieve our objectives through collaboration and insightful programming and have an organizational culture of inclusion firmly embedded and imprinted into the DNA of our campus that it becomes a way of Being?

These are some starting points for reflection as the University engages in firstly, Education Week and then our Week of Solidarity. The latter is an invitation for an exploration of the antiracism narrative in a manner that seeks to promote allyship while at the same time platform advocacy. It involves discovering hidden stories and building bridges and meeting each other halfway if only to get a glimpse of the Other. How do we understand ourselves? And how can we know and understand each other? According to transcultural psychiatrist Glenn Helberg, you can only truly understand yourself when you put yourself in proportion to your culture, past and relationships with others. He tells how everyone is embedded in a certain context which is at its core a cultural being. DEI partners - Radboud Reflects asks, can a better understanding of your own background and someone else's help us in the diversity debate?

Join us in solidarity and let us find out together.