Radboud University

Volume 1: Titus Brandsma – Mysticism in Action

Cover boek Collected Works Titus Brandsma ENGThis volume provides an insight into the versatility of Titus Brandsma, which he expressed in his great commitment as a scholar, journalist, advocate for social justice and international peace, promoter of Friesian culture, of Catholic education and of Dutch Catholicism in general, as well as defending animal rights and finally criticising in a clear way the philosophy behind National Socialism.

The texts are arranged chronologically and cover the years 1904 to 1942. Material from the following archives is used: St. Archief- en Documentatiecentrum voor r.k. Friesland in Bolsward, the archive of the Dutch Province of the Carmelites (NCI) in Boxmeer, the Katholiek Documentatie Centrum (KDC) archive of Radboud University and the Tilburg Regional Archives. A register of names, places and newspapers facilitates the targeted search for certain information.
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