Radboud University

Band 3: Writings from Prison

This volume includes everything Titus Brandsma wrote during the months of his imprisonment, beginning with his official defence, private notes, letters, sermons, a Stations of the Cross, and prayers, but most of all with studious work including reviews of two newly published books and an extensive biography of Teresa of Avila. For Titus, quietly continuing to work on his writing projects was an excellent strategy for dealing with his difficult situation.

The texts are arranged chronologically and cover the months of January to July 1942. Material from the archives of the Dutch Province of the Carmelites (NCI) in Boxmeer is used. A register of names, places and newspapers facilitates a targeted search for particular information.

The publication is scheduled for 2022.

With contributions from dr Glen Attard (L-Università ta’ Malta), dr Jan Brabers (Radboud University, Nijmegen), dr Leopold Glueckert (Carmelite Institute of North America), prof. Giovanni Grosso (Institutum Carmelitanum, Teresianum, Rome), dr Antoine Jacobs, (freelance historian), dr Edeltraud Klueting (Forschungsinstitut der Deutschen Provinz der Karmeliten, Bamberg), Laura Magnier (Irish Province), prof. Emilio Martinez (Teresianum, Rome), prof. Fernando Millán Romeral (Universidad Comillas, Madrid), Mgr. prof. Helmut Moll (Archbischopric Cologne), dr Patrick Mullins (Carmelite Institute of Britain and Ireland, Dublin), prof. Michael Plattig (Institutum Carmelitanun, Gregoriana, Antonianum, Rome), dr Martina Rommel (freelance historian), Mgr. Wilmar Santin (Bishop, Itaituba), dr Andreas Scholten (German Carmelite Province), dr Antonio Silvio da Costa (writer, Sao Paulo), dr Szymon Sułecki (Polish Province), Louis van de Geijn (De Gelderlander).