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Intellectual biography of Titus Brandsma

Inigo Bocken, Ineke Cornet and Coban Menkveld are currently working on an intellectual biography of Titus Brandsma. In this, they refine the image we have of Titus Brandsma. He is more than a heroic fighter against the Nazi occupying forces, known for his defiant attitude in the concentration camps where his life ended.

They focus on Brandsma’s role as a Professor of Philosophy at the Nijmegen Catholic University and as a publicly committed intellectual. It is undeniable that Brandsma played an important public role, especially in the 1930s until his death, something that was only possible if he could also boast intellectual or academic authority, according to Bocken and Cornet. In their intellectual biography, they examine Brandsma’s significance as an intellectual and academic, and try to understand these qualities against the background of his own spiritual calling.

The biography will be written in Dutch and is being published in 2023, when the Radboud University celebrates its 100th birthday.

Inigo Bocken 01

Inigo Bocken is a philosopher and academic associated with the Titus Brandsma Institute and the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies of Radboud University in Nijmegen, and Professor of Mystical Theology at KU Leuven.

inigo.bocken@titusbrandsmainstituut.nl or +243611022.

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