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Radboud University’s growing academic community consists not only of its students and staff, but also of its alumni. International alumni are our former exchange students as well as those who came from abroad to complete an (English-taught) Bachelor's or Master's programme, or to conduct part or all of their PhD studies at the University.

International alumni are a vital part of our academic community. They are lifelong ambassadors for the university, a valuable source of knowledge and expertise, and an essential link between the university and the international community.

A lifelong, mutually beneficial bond with our international alumni begins the moment they arrive. It’s a relationship that we nurture, as we hope Radboud University will be more than a fond memory, and will continue to provide a community for networking and academic inspiration.

International alumni

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Radboud Recharge is a new lifelong learning service of Radboud University. Here you'll find our best scientific stories and activities, organised in one place and tailored to your interests. Discover such things as engaging lectures and interviews with leading scientists and expand your knowledge with tips from other alumni.

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