Radboud University

Dialogue on the identity of Radboud University

In the run-up to Radboud University’s centenary in 2023, we would like to invite you to participate in a dialogue about our University’s identity. This way, we can determine what we stand for and establish Radboud University's multicoloured story.

What does Radboud University mean to you? What do we stand for and what makes us unique? What do  our mission, the three core values – being curious, connected, reflective – and our ‘special’ origins mean for staff members and students?

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Join the dialogue

Staff and students can register for one of the nine dialogue meetings.

  • Mo 28|03|2022 | 10.00-12.00 uur | Discussion for employees | Huize Heyendael
  • Tue 29|03|2022 | 12.30-14.30 uur | Gesprek voor medewerkers | Huize Heyendael
  • Wed 30|03|2022 | 12.30-14.30 uur | Gesprek voor studenten en medewerkers | Huize Heyendael
  • Wed 30|03|2022 | 15.30-17.30 uur | Gesprek voor studenten | Huize Heyendael
  • Mo 04|04|2022 | 15.30-17.30 uur | Discussion for students and employees | Huize Heyendael
  • Tue 05|04|2022 | 12.30-14.30 uur | Gesprek voor studenten | Huize Heyendael
  • Tue 05|04|2022 | 15.30-17.30 uur | Gesprek voor medewerkers | Huize Heyendael
  • Wed 06|04|2022 | 12.30-14.30 uur | Gesprek voor studenten en medewerkers | Huize Heyendael
  • Thur 07|04|2022 | 12.30-14.30 uur | Discussion for students | Huize Heyendael

What do we stand for?

In this video various Radboudians examine the question of how the university was, is and can be of significance.

History and identity

Do you want to know more about the history of Radboud University - and how identity played a role in it? You can read all about it in A short history of Radboud University (pdf, 8,5 MB), written by university historian Jan Brabers

What's next?

Radboud Reflects organises these dialogue meetings at the request of Radboud Universtiy's executive board. The most important themes from the dialogue meetings will be discussed during a lunch break meeting for students and staff on Wednesday 13 April | 12.30-13.15 | Theater hall C

A registration link for this meeting will follow soon.

The executive board also invites various alumni and relations of the university for a dialogue about identity. This will take place in separate meetings.

In 2023, Radboud University will publish various interviews with students and employees about how they experience the university's identity.