Radboud University

Christine Mohrmann Grants

Since 1990, the Executive Board of Radboud University has awarded the Christine Mohrmann Stipends (up to 2015, called Frye Stipends) to promising female PhD candidates. The objective of the grant is to encourage female researchers to stay in academia after completing their theses.

Up to 2020, the Christine Mohrmann Stipend was awarded to female PhD candidates exclusively to enable them to perform research abroad during their PhD. The spending criteria have now been changed. From 2020 onwards, the stipend may be used for a variety of purposes that improve the depth of doctoral research in a ways that were not foreseen in the design of the PhD trajectory.

The stipends amount to € 5,000 per person. Annually, a maximum of ten stipends are awarded; two on behalf of the larger faculties, and one on behalf of the smaller faculties. The nominations are made by the boards of the faculties in question and are reviewed by the College of Deans.

The award ceremony takes place each year on or around International Women's Day.

Any questions? Please send an email to welkom@ru.nl.