Radboud University

Internationalisation Award

The Internationalisation Award is awarded each year during the Opening of the Academic Year to individuals who have made a special effort in the international profiling of Radboud University. The award consists of a certificate and a sum of 10,000 euros.


  • Winner Radboud International Training on High Ability' (RITHA) of the Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Honourable mentions for 'First Things First: Ensuring a safe and inclusive environment as a foundation for an international curriculum', by Prof. Liedeke Plate, Dr. Sandy Barasa and Daniela Piangiolino of the Faculty of Arts.


  • Winner Philosophy, Politics and Society, the Bachelorprogramme ‘Philosophy, Politics and Society’ (PPS) from the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies
  • Honourable mentions for ‘The Global Night’,organized by International Student Organizations Nijmegen (ISON), Erasmus Student Network Nijmegen (ESN), the USR, the Student Church, Meet and Eat and Radboud International Students (RIS)


  • Dr Monique Keuter and Professor Jan Smit, driving forces behind  "Into the Tropics”, the successful Radboud university medical center project that annually sends out about a hundred co-assistants of internal health to tropical countries, and welcomes students from the tropics to Nijmegen.
  • Honourable mentions for “Global Health”, the “tropics block” of the Biomedical Sciences programme, and the Nijmegen School of Management Master’s specialisation in European Human Resource Management.




  • United Netherlands. With their annual prize-winning delegations to Oxford and Harvard Model United Nations, United Netherlands demonstrates worldwide what Radboud students are capable of.


  • Erasmus Mundus Courses European Masterprogram in System Dynamics and
    PLANET Europe (Nijmegen School of Management).
    Both Masters cover the available knowledge of the participating universities in order to offer a unique education in which students can experience internationalisation.


  • Master Europese Studies: Nederland-Duitsland Studies.
  • International Masterclass in cardiovascular Science.


  • Prof. André van der Ven and dr. Reinout van Crevel, Radboud university medical center.


  • Afdeling IQ Healthcare of the  Radboud university medical center van de Faculteit der Medische Wetenschappen met hun Erasmus Mundus Master of Bioethics.


  • Prof. Carla Rita Palmerino and Prof. Christopher Luthy, representatives of the Netherlands’ most international Research Master in the field of philosophy: the Research Master Programme in Philosophy.
  • Prof. F.G.M. Russel, director of the international Master Programmes Biomedical Sciences, and professor F.P.M. Cremers, director of the international Master Programme Molecular Mechanisms of Disease.