Radboud University

The Radboud University Medal in bronze

The Radboud University Medal in bronze is awarded annually for employees who have earned themselves special merit.


  • René Hagels, Head of Educational & Study Facilities at Campus & Facilities
  • Mirjam Ernestus, professor Psycholinguistics at the Faculty of Arts


  • Peter van Dijk, prevention employee at the Institute for Molecules and Materials
  • Roland Laan, professor Development Medical Education and director Health Academy


  • Bets Berntsen, science officer of the Marketing & Communication Division
  • Monic Schijvenaars, director of the Radboud Center for Social Sciences


  • Henk Link, porter at the Erasmus Building
  • Marcel Becker, associate professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies


  • Dr Elisabeth (Liesbeth) Pierson, education and research associate in the General Instrumentation department of the Faculty of Science
  • Jef van de Riet,  former director of Radboud Services and secretary to Radboud University's Executive Board


  • Liesbeth Korebrits, director Radboud In'to Languages
  • Serraat Eikholt, boatswain of student rowing club Phocas
  • André van der Ven, professor of International Health en director of the Nijmeegs Institute for International Health


  • Asha Parisius, secretary Criminal Law and Criminology
  • Kim Geilman, secretary of the section Sociology and Migration Law
  • Hans Thijssen, professor of History of Philosophy


  • Jan Gerritsen, Technician Scanning Probe Microscopy
  • Jan Janssen, assistant coffee corner Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies


  • Rob Cuppen, director Radboud Sports Centre
  • Henk de Jager, former chairman of the presidency of the University General Council


  • Harry Balster, retired technician from the Faculty of Science


  • Jeroen Linssen, director of education Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies
  • Mrs. Wally de Vries,Faculty of Arts
  • Mrs. Marlou Majoor, former reputation officer of the Executive Board


  • Mrs. Mo Tiel, Student Affairs
  • Prof. dr. Klaas Landsman, professor of Mathematical Physics


  • Mrs. mr. M.L.A. van den Bosch, director Education  Centre for Professional Legal Education, Faculty of Law
  • Prof.  dr. N.H. Lubsen, professor of Molecular Biology and former Chairwoman of the University Council