Radboud University

Smoke-Free Campus

Heyendaal Campus Smoke-Free from 1 August 2020

Usually, thousands of people are present on the campus and in the buildings of Radboud University every day: students, researchers, employees, and third parties.The Radboud university medical center property has been smoke-free since 1 January 2020; after the implementation at Radboud University and the HAN University of Applied Sciences, all of the Heyendaal Campus will be smoke-free from August 2020. It is important that the campus provides a healthy, safe, and pleasant environment for everyone.

This is why the campus will be smoke-free from 1 August 2020. For a smoke-free generation. The map will clarify the extent of the smoke-free zone.

Heyendaal Campus Smoke-Free from 1 August 2020

A smoke-free campus: what does that mean?

  • A campus where we will ask you, kindly but firmly, to take others into consideration, and to keep the air in and around the buildings free from smoke.
  • Together, we will keep the area smoke and vape free. The smoking ban also applies to e-cigarettes.
  • Support for staff and students who want to quit smoking.
  • A cleaner campus that is better for the environment.
  • Visitors and students will no longer pass through a curtain of smoke before entering a building.

Quit Smoking

People smoke because they are addicted, not because they mean to be a nuisance or cause health problems for themselves or others. This is why we support staff members and students if they want to quit smoking. This is also part of providing a healthy and safe learning and working environment.

Are you an employee or student and do you want to participate? Please e-mail rookvrij@ru.nl. After receiving your e-mail, the Department of Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Service (AMD) will contact you for the intake interview.

Do you want a different type of support to help you to quit smoking? If so, please contact your GP, or consult an organisation such as ikstopnu.nl (only in Dutch).