Radboud University

Meet us in your country

Are you a student with an international degree interested in studying at Radboud University? We are going on tour, and we may be coming to a city near you. Throughout the year Radboud University will be present at various events all over the world and may be in your country.

Study fairs

During the study fair, you can meet with Radboud staff and students face-to-face in your country, get information, and have your questions answered about studying at Radboud and in the Netherlands.

If your country is not listed below but you would like to receive more information, you can always send us an email.

Travel restrictions due to COVID-19

Due to the development of the Coronavirus and the travel advisories of certain countries, some of our events abroad have been cancelled. Luckily, many (virtual) fairs have been organized as a replacement. These are organized per country or region and will be given online. Please check the schedule below for our upcoming fairs.

Date Country Name
15-16 September 2022 Münster, Germany Vocatium
17 September 2022 Kleve, Germany Hochschultag
20 September 2022 Europe Europe Virtual Fair
1 October 2022 Warsaw, Poland Education Abroad Fair
1-2 October 2022 Bucharest, Romania RIUF
6 October 2022 Sofia, Bulgaria Skylines seminar for Radboud University
8 October 2022 Sofia, Bulgaria Holland Day
8 October 2022 Zagreb, Croatia World Education Fair
12 October 2022 Eastern Europe & Central Asia Eastern Europe & Central Asia Virtual Fair
15 October 2022 Riga, Latvia Education Abroad Fair
16 October 2022 Vilnius, Lithuania Education Abroad Fair
20 October 2022 Limassol, Cyprus Student 2022 event
25 October 2022 Thessaloniki, Greece GIUF
25 October 2022 Cork, Ireland OMG We're Going Dutch
26 October 2022 Cologne, Germany IT + Technik
26 October 2022 Athens, Greece GIUF
27 October 2022 Dublin, Ireland OMG We're Going Dutch
27-28 October 2022 Esch-Belval, Luxembourg Foire de l'Étudiant
30 October 2022 Worldwide Virtually Orange
3 November 2022 Hamburg, Germany IT + Technik
5-6 November 2022 Jakarta, Indonesia EHEF
5 November 2022 Cologne, Germany Bachelor and More
5 November 2022 Mainz, Germany Horizon
8 November 2022 Surabaya, Indonesia EHEF
8 November 2022 Stuttgart, Germany IT + Technik
9 November 2022 Indonesia EHEF
12 November 2022 Coesfeld, Germany CoeMBO 2022
18-19 November 2022 Mandaluyong City, Philippines European Higher Education Fair (EHEF) 2022
19 November 2022 Bochum, Germany Startschuss Abi Bochum
20 November 2022 Taiwan Hybrid education fair
26 November 2022 Dusseldorf, Germany Horizon
27 November 2022 Frankfurt, Germany Bachelor and More
12 December 2022 Hamburg, Germany Bachelor and More