Radboud University

Five Questions for Inori Serre

inori-2Name: Inori Serre
Programme: Bachelor's in Psychology
From: Paris, France

Why did you choose Radboud University?

There were several factors that led me to choose Radboud University for my studies. The first one was because I was already living in Nijmegen prior to my university studies, and I therefore already knew about this university. The second reason was that, after conducting some research on the Psychology programme offered, I saw that the content really fit what I was interested in learning.

Additionally, I attended the open day, including the presentation of the psychology programme, which further confirmed that this was the Bachelor's I wanted to do. (I got very excited after the presentation!) Lastly, I got to visit the campus prior to the start of my Bachelor, and I really liked the variety of buildings, how close and accessible they all are, and how much open space there still is. These were the reasons why I decided to study at Radboud University!

What is your favorite spot on campus?

That is quite a difficult question! I would say that my favourite spot on the campus is the central library. This is also the place I spend the most time at! I really like the central library because of the different workspaces there (the main quiet hall, the workgroup rooms…), but I also really enjoy the different “chilling” places (outside in front of the library, inside at the café…). Also, I really like the fact that I meet so many people I know there, and keep meeting new people! The central library is not just a working place for me, but also a socialising place.

What has surprised you during your stay in Nijmegen?

How much there actually is to do in Nijmegen! Because I was used to living in a big city, I was afraid that Nijmegen would be a bit “boring”… But I couldn’t be more wrong! There are lots of different places to go to, lots of things to experience, and lots of things that are yet to be discovered. The variety of events, shops, environments in Nijmegen is really amazing, and the people that accompany it is making my study experience a lot more enjoyable than I thought it would be!

What’s your favorite thing to do in Nijmegen?

At the moment the weather is very nice, so my answer would be going to the beach, at the Waalstrand. There is a lot of space to relax, enjoy the sun, play around, or do some photography. Otherwise, at other times of the year, I like to explore the city from time to time, and discover new shops, new restaurants, etc. There is really a lot to see!

What advice would you give new students?

For prospective students, I would strongly suggest to go out there and meet new people, or explore new places. The start of my studies was all about creating new bonds with other students, which then led to other, new acquaintances, and so on. This can be done through your normal study schedule when having common classes, but it can also be done through other means (e.g., joining student associations, participating in activities organized by your student association, etc.). In my opinion, studying altogether is a lot funner and easier than having to study on your own, but everyone has his or her own preferences!