Radboud University

Five Questions for Olesia Bobko

olesiaName: Olesia Bobko
Programme: Master's in Business Administration specialising in Marketing
From: Russia

Why did you choose Radboud University?

I was an exchange student in the Netherlands a few years ago and loved it so much that I decided through whatever it takes to get my Master’s degree here. Radboud was one of the universities which provided a decent Orange Tulip Scholarship for Russian students, which played an important role in my selection procedure. The programme outline suited my perception of what I wanted to study but couldn’t do in Russia. Also, I didn’t want to live in big cities like Amsterdam, I found Nijmegen way friendlier and sort of calming, even though still full of life and events. But frankly, I made my final choice once I visited the campus. I just felt like this could be a great place to study and spend a whole year of my life, I could imagine myself sitting on the grass, studying in the beautiful library and having lunch in the cafeteria. As irrational as it sounds it was love from the first sight.

What is your favourite spot on campus?

Benches in front of Erasmus building. I often find myself buying some snacks or coffee in Spar (the supermarket) and just sit there, watching people pass by, laughing, discussing their assignments or deadlines, well, just live their student lives. It helps me appreciate the simple moments I have here, because in a blink of an eye it is all going to be over. Yeah and also think the whole square is very beautiful and modern.

What has surprised you during your stay in Nijmegen?

The first time I was in Nijmegen I really didn’t like it. Although it was rainy and chilly back then, so that might be the reason. Since I got to know it better, my opinion changed completely. There is a big river, just like in my hometown, beautiful city center, parks, shops, nightlife, festivals, everything you need basically. Interestingly, architecture strongly depends on what part of the city you are now, so if you accidently or intentionally walk to the part you have never been, the city might surprise you. There are no canals, but it doesn’t make it any less special. Also, I just LOVE the fact that I can reach anything in the city in 15 minutes, so I don’t waste time on commuting: after living in Moscow, that seems like a very important point.

What’s your favourite thing to do in Nijmegen?

I like to walk around the city, explore new streets, find beautiful houses, and finally after a walk sit outside in a cafe with a cold glass of beer in case it is a good weather, otherwise order warm chocomel, chat with friends. It doesn’t seem like something unique, you may say, you can do it in every city and that is partly true. But Nijmegen has its own atmosphere and character, I like that I sometimes don’t have to travel anywhere outside the city to get a feeling of “exploring” something new.

What advice would you give new students?

I would advise to join a student association but choose it wisely. I have heard so many great stories about internationals being a part of it, that I regret not participating so much that you can’t imagine. Learn from my mistakes! You will get new friends, especially Dutch ones, way faster and you will always have so much to do. Student life is not all about studying, even though it might feel like that sometimes, especially in the beginning when you are getting used to requirements and study load. You will forget sitting in the library with time, but getting together with friends you won’t 😊