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AON Student Insurance

If you are coming to the Netherlands as an international student for a temporary stay, you can use the Aon Student Insurance. Aon has different types of student insurances which cover different types of costs, depending on the specific insurance package, such as medical expenses, extraordinary costs (for example repatriation), as well as coverage for legal aid, accidents, liability, luggage, and household goods. Aon offers several packages ranging from €16 - €45* per month. Students only pay for the days they use. Application & payment can easily be done online. For more information, visit the website of Aon Student Insurance or download their flyer (pdf, 2,6 MB).

For more information watch their seminars in September

August Webinar Aon Student Insurance EEA Students

When                 : 2 August, 2022

Time                    : 11.00 o’clock until 12.00 o’clock

Link                     : to register

August Webinar Aon Student Insurance Non-EEA Students

When                 : 2 August, 2022

Time                    : 14.00 o’clock until 15.00 o’clock

Link                     :  to register

September Webinar Aon Student Insurance EEA Students

When                 : 6 September, 2022

Time                    : 11.00 o’clock until 12.00 o’clock

Link                     : to register

*subject to change

Just like with almost any other insurance company, you have to pay your medical costs first and can claim any costs back from Aon. You can always contact Aon in case you would like to check any upcoming costs beforehand.

Aon offers different insurance packages for international students:
- Aon Start
- Aon Start+
- Aon Complete+ (only through International Office Radboud University)

AON Start

The Aon Start is available for international students who already have their own health insurance. The package coverage is related to travel and stay. 
For more information about this insurance, visit Aon Start website.

AON Start+

Aon Start+ is an insurance package mainly aimed at students who have an EHIC. It provides cover for your additional health costs, and insures you for travel and stay. You need ICS Start+ if you already have your own health insurance, but you are looking for additional health costs coverage.
For more information about this insurance, visit Aon Start+ website.

AON Complete+

Aon Complete+ is an extensive health, travel and liability insurance that has been created by Aon in cooperation with Radboud University. The Aon Complete+ is a special insurance package that also covers pre-existing conditions and has an overall high level of coverage.

Radboud University can provide the terms and conditions of this insurance to international students who are interested. Please send an email to visa@io.ru.nl if you would like to receive an overview of the conditions and coverage.

Aon Complete+ for students from outside the EU/EEA

The International Office will automatically arrange the Aon Complete+ package for all international students who need a residence permit to stay in the Netherlands for the full study period and students who receive a scholarship or grant from Radboud University that covers insurance.

Aon Complete+ package only via International Office

This package is specifically created for Radboud University only. Radboud students who are not provided with an insurance via the International Office of Radboud University, can apply for it themselves by filling out the form on the AON website. If you have any questions please send an email to visa@io.ru.nl.

Contact Information AON

Should you have any questions, you can contact Aon via their customer service
A contact form is available at their customer service website. 
They can also be reached by phone: 0031 (0)10 448 82 70 (Available Monday till Friday from 08:30 till 17:30 CET).

AON Representative on campus

AON-Meeùs Nijmegen / RadboudUMC
Radboud Medical Center
Geert Grooteplein – Zuid 10,  follow route 530

Opening hours: Tuesday: 09.00-18.00