Radboud University

International students on Radboud University and student life

We asked some of our current students what they think about studying at Radboud University. Follow the links below to find out what they said.

File_000Student Story: Anti-racism Awareness Week

“Just because one’s opinion is not racist, it doesn’t mean that they would act if they saw someone being racist, on the contrary, it contributes to the racist system. Non-racists remain comfortable with the oppression of others, whereas anti-racists don’t.”

lisa1Student Story: Lisa - Radboud Honours Academy

“I realized from the very beginning that this programme was going to differ from other courses I had taken before. First of all, we didn’t meet on campus or online, but rather had to travel to Ravenstein for a kick-off day where we’d meet our team members and supervisors.”

thumb_mohammadaliStudent story: Mohammadali - Research Master in Molecular Mechanisms of Disease (MMD)

"I’ve been interested in biology for as long as I can remember myself. People change, and what used to be their passion as children, frequently doesn’t remain their passion when they grow up. Interestingly, for me, it did"

Picture 16Student Story: Lucie - Double Bachelor's Student in IBC & PPL

“A big part of going forward in academia is being critical of your own field. I noticed that in both disciplines. You think this theory is cool, and then you get another one and realise that the other one actually doesn’t work, and this continues until you get introduced to a contemporary viewpoint.”

martin1Student Story: Martin - Bachelor's in Psychology

“There is a difference between skill and talent. Talent is something that you gain in life, and it depends on your upbringing and the environment, whereas skills can be mastered. Everybody has a talent, but some do use it and others don’t”

image1Student Story: Darja - Bachelor's in Biology

‘’It was either the Netherlands or the UK, but in the end, I chose the Netherlands [...] What I enjoyed the most about the first period of classes was that we have many practical tutorials..."

inoriFive questions for Inori Serre

"There are lots of different places to go to, lots of things to experience, and lots of things that are yet to be discovered. The variety of events, shops, environments in Nijmegen is..."

olesiaFive questions for Olesia Bobko

"I just felt like this could be a great place to study and spend a whole year of my life, I could imagine myself sitting on the grass, studying in the beautiful library and having lunch in the cafeteria..."

claraFive questions for Clara Araújo

"I was sure I wanted to pursue a Master's degree, and Radboud had the most interesting programme in the Netherlands for me! I was looking for something related to education and youth..."

kholoudFive questions for Kholoud El Jazouli

"Back in January 2017, I went on vacation to Holland. I very much liked the country and its people, so I decided to apply for a Master's there. The reason I chose Radboud..."