Radboud University

Education for refugee students

“I feel good to be able to feel ‘student’ again. Instead of ‘refugee’, an identity that I associate with traumatic experiences from the past. As a student, I am able to focus on the future again” - Student customized project for refugee students.

The Radboud University wants to improve the access to academic education for students with a refugee background. We have developed two programmes for this: Radboud Welcomes Newcomers and the customized programme for refugee students.

These programmes are in line with the strategy of the Radboud University that states that we focus on caring for each other and the world around us. We remain committed to the empowerment of social and cultural minorities. We want to be of meaning. Thereby, we pay special attention to students who are forced to seek refuge in our region.

Radboud Welcomes Newcomers

Radboud Welcomes Newcomers offers free and accessible bachelor and premaster courses for refugee students, despite their status: with refugee status, still in procedure or undocumented. Everyone is welcome.

Customized programme for refugee students

Together with HAN University of Applied Sciences we offer a customized programme for refugee students with a status. In this programme, we eliminate deficiencies and prepare students for a study programme at the university.  As of 2022, Radboud University offers, in collaboration with HAN University of Applied Sciences also the educational route within the new Law of Integration in the Netherlands in collaboration with municipalities in the region. Note: This programme will be taught in Dutch. For more information, go to our Dutch website.