Radboud University


Access to education offers people with a refugee background in the Netherlands the chance to develop themselves and integrate into a new society on a social and academic level.

Radboud Welcomes Newcomers is an accessible way, without costs involved, in which refugee students can follow courses at our university. As teachers, we need your help. Do you want to know more and contribute to this initiative?

When participating with a course, Radboud Welcomes Newcomers takes over all administrative tasks. We make sure the student gets an intake, is registered at the university and we offer support during the trajectory. We work with a buddy project in which the student is matched to a regular student at the Radboud University to help them find their way.

Teachers of courses that refugee students registered for, will be offered an intercultural communication training.

More information (FAQ)

Via the link above, you will find the FAQ page where we collected the questions that were asked the most by teachers. Do you still have questions after reading this page? Please contact us via radboudwelcomesnewcomers@ru.nl.