Radboud University

Admission requirements

1. Education
An academic background or equivalent of a pre-university diploma (minimum ‘VWO’ evaluation). It is not needed to have a finished bachelor or master degree in order to apply.
2. Language
Sufficient level of English or Dutch, based on the language used in the course. The minimum level to start is B2. If you cannot prove the level (through certificates or previous education) your level will be assessed based on an intake conversation or test.
3. Willingness

Strong motivation and time. You need to be willing and be able to commit for the whole duration of the course (around 10 weeks and approx 20 hours a week). For exact time efforts per course, please check the course description.

Moreover, we ask you to motivate why you are choosing this course and to participate in this programme. This will be taken into account in the selection process.

4. Place of residency

The Radboud University has a focus towards students who are living in the region. You will have to be living in the region of Arnhem Nijmegen to be able to be submitted into the programme (this includes AZC's in Nijmegen, Arnhem and Grave/Velp)