Radboud University

A Support System for female refugee students

Are you a female refugee with a (pre)academic background? Do you have your hopes and dreams for the future, but facing barriers in reaching them? Do you want to build solid (language)skills and knowledge while you might still be in an AZC?

Women and girls with refugee backgrounds continue to face very open challenges to advance their education and professional opportunities. The Radboud University wants to  support women in their dreams while simultaneously conducting research towards these barriers. That is why we created the project ‘Promoting Equity and Diversity at Radboud University: A Support System for female students with a refugee background’.

This project will map challenges of refugee women and identify the key needs of female refugee students, based on which it will propose practices to support the education and integration of women refugees. It will implement a series of workshops on different topics to evaluate what practices and policies are most relevant for this cohort.

Rationale of the project

The goal of the project is to eliminate barriers for women with a refugee background when it comes to career and education. This project sees a clear need to provide a platform that would help steer young refugee women to see an optimistic future for themselves, build tangible skills, develop an entrepreneurial mind set and hence harness their ambition and self-confidence.

What will this project look like?

Training is at the core of this project. We aim to develop skills and personal development to prepare and equip you for an educational program you choose once you have obtained your residency permit. The project will consist of a customized trajectory that fits your needs and situation. It entails:

  • An intake in which we explore your educational background, as well as their current situation and where we look together to your plans for the future. During the intake we will determine if this program is suitable for you.
  • An orientation day during which we welcome the identified target group to the Radboud University, get to know each other and provide an overview of all the training and explain the content. There will be ample opportunity for questions, to make sure that you have a clear understanding of the project.
  • The elements of the customized trajectory consist of training. These trainings are the following:
    • Language training Dutch (2x a week)
    • Language training English (1x a week)
    • Time management.
    • Career
      • How to write a solid CV and motivation letter.
      • How to use Linked In.
      • How to find your own unique story.
    • Family and life
    • Well-Being and Leadership
    • Intercultural communication
    • Digital access and  ICT skills and employment

Besides the language training and workshops, you will also be assigned to a buddy. The buddy is an employee or student at Radboud University and will help you with all the questions you might have about the Radboud University. They can help you practice Dutch or just have a coffee and a nice chat.

By engaging in this program, you are also admitting to participating in a research conducted by Dr. Noemi Mena Montes. This research will look into the barriers refugee women are still facing. You will engage in focus groups and interviews about the program.

Entry criteria:

Are you enthusiastic about the program and want to sign up? These are the following entry criteria:

  1. Solid motivation (as demonstrated by a motivational statement)
  2. A (pre)academic background
  3. English language level around B1

If you are interested in joining the program, please register before 14 November via this form.