Radboud University

Financial Matters

Tuition fee and handling fee
Exchange Students are exempt from paying a contribution to tuition fees and handling fees to the Radboud University. Their payment for tuition fees are made to their own university.

The Netherlands Ministry of Education offers several scholarships to nationals from a wide range of countries. Please bear in mind that you cannot apply for these scholarships via Radboud University. For more information on these scholarships and for application forms, please contact the NUFFIC
> More information on scholarships and grants

Money and Finance
In order not to be troubled by monetary worries while in the Netherlands, it is important to make some preparations at home. You will have to decide whether to take cheques and/or cash with you from your home country (be aware of the risks of theft), or open a bank account at a commercial bank in the Netherlands.
> More information on money and finance

Part time jobs
There are certain conditions for International students about getting a parttime job. Please have a look at this website for more details.