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Dutch public health insurance

The Dutch healthcare insurance system is called the basisverzekering, a basic healthcare insurance policy through which all residents of the Netherlands are obliged to insure themselves. The coverage and premium of this basic insurance are determined by the government. More information about the Dutch healthcare insurance is issued by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports.

Insurance companies are required to accept any application for a basic insurance and are not allowed to select. The premium for the basic insurance is a fixed sum which you pay directly to your insurance company. The general premium will be (roughly) 1,100 euros a year for the standard package.
For more information on whether you are obliged to take out a basic healthcare insurance policy, see Nuffic website.

Who needs to take out a new Basisverzekering insurance policy?

International students who have a paid internship (and receiving at least the Dutch minimum wage that applies to their specific situation) or part-time job need to take out Dutch public health insurance. See for more information the Health and liability insurance-page.

Please note that international students who do not have a paid internship or part-time job are not allowed to take out Dutch public health insurance, but need to arrange a private insurance.

In case you need to take out a Dutch public health insurance, you can find a checklist regarding the topic here (pdf, 392 kB). You can also contact the Zorgverzekeringslijn when you have questions.

You can also check out your options on this page.

Students of Radboud University
The Radboud University Executive Board (College van Bestuur) has negotiated a collective health care insurance with VGZ for employees and students (only for those students who are younger than 27 years). Like university employees, students will get a discount on the premium for the basic health care insurance and a discount on a supplementary package specifically designed for students.

Collectivity Number
If you apply for a health insurance with VGZ, you will be asked for the collectivity number. For students of Radboud University this number is 000104451.

Healthcare Allowance
Depending on your income, you may be entitled to a healthcare allowance (zorgtoeslag). This is a monthly payment from the government to help you with the cost of your healthcare premiums. Applications for the healthcare allowance must be made through the tax authority (Belastingdienst). For more information see their website at http://www.toeslagen.nl/ (only available in Dutch). See this website for more information on healthcare allowance or the Zorgwijzer.

Risks of being not insured
If you need care but have no previous insurance, most insurance companies will impose a penalty payment. You will have to pay the back premium and you will probably also be given a fine.

Health care benefit

You can only apply for health care benefit (in Dutch: zorgtoeslag) if you are eligible for a Dutch public health insurance via the Dutch Tax Office (in Dutch: Belastingdienst).