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Local administration / BSN number

General information
Registration at the local administration

Citizens from all countries have to register with the local administration (De Stadswinkel) if their stay in Nijmegen exceeds 4 months. Within 3 days of your arrival in the Netherlands you should make an appointment with the registry office of De Stadswinkel. You will receive an email from the International Office in August (fall semester) or January (spring semester) with more information about making an appointment with the Stadswinkel.

Their address is:
De Stadswinkel
Mariënburg 30
6511 PS Nijmegen
Tel.: +31 24 329 90 00
Email: informatiebalie@nijmegen.nl

Office hours, by appointment only: Mondays till Fridays from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Thursdays till 8 p.m.

stadswinkel nijmegen 584-150615-c01

Documents required

  • a valid passport or ID
  • your room contract  AND a colour copy of the room contract
  • if applicable: a print out in colour of the approval letter of your MVV and/or VVR (received as an attachment to the email ‘MVV and/or VVR application assessed positively’)

Every time you move to a new address within Nijmegen, you should inform De Stadswinkel of your new address.

Should you live outside the borders of the municipality of Nijmegen you will have to register with the local administration there and you might also need a birth certificate. For more information please contact our office at visa@io.ru.nl.

An original birth certificate is not a requirement anymore to register at the municipality of Nijmegen. However, please note that some other municipalities do require this document. So if you will be living outside of the municipality of Nijmegen, please check this carefully at the municipality you will be registering at.

BSN number / Citizen Service Number

When you register yourself with the local administration (De Stadswinkel), you will receive a letter of confirmation, which also states your Citizen Service Number (BSN; Burger Service Nummer).The BSN is a unique personal ID number of every citizen who is registered in the Personal Records Database at the municipal authorities. All government organisations use this BSN. Keep this letter with your BSN in a safe place as you will need this BSN number e.g. to open a Dutch bank account, to get a basic Health insurance if you have a (parttime)  job in the Netherlands.


Going abroad for a study period/internship during your study period at Radboud University
You only need to deregister with the Stadswinkel if you are going abroad for more than 8 months. You have to enclose a copy of your passport or ID, mention your last address in the Netherlands, your address in your new country and the date of departure.  Please download and fill in this document (pdf, 76 kB).

Leaving Nijmegen
At the end of your stay in Nijmegen, you must cancel your registration at De Stadswinkel in writing (via email). You have to enclose a copy of your passport or ID, mention your last address in the Netherlands, your permanent address in your home country and the date of departure. Please send an email to burgerzaken@nijmegen.nl

If you live outside of the borders of the municipality of Nijmegen you must cancel your registration there.