Radboud University

Residence permit

Application for a residence permit

Students needing a residence permit (Verblijfsvergunning Regulier = VVR) will receive an email from the visa department after they have been officially accepted at the university. But please be aware that the application procedure can not be started until all the required original documents have been received for your registration at Radboud University Nijmegen. The university will apply for a residence permit for the period it officially takes to finish your study programme. On the Study in Holland website you can check the exact rules and regulations that apply to you.

For your residence permit you will need at least:

  • A copy of your passport
  • Proof of financial means
  • The letter of acceptance or the (un)conditional admission letter
  • Declaration of criminal record

When the residence permit has been granted, the International Office will notify you where and when to pick it up.

A final note:
Depending on your nationality, you may have to be examined for tuberculosis. In case a test is required, the International Office will inform the GGD (Municipal Health Department), who will contact you to arrange an appointment. The address of the GGD is:
Groenewoudseweg 275, 6524 TV Nijmegen, Tel.: +31 24 329 71 10
Office hours Mondays and Thursdays 10.00 p.m. - 3 p.m.

Sufficient educational progress - relevant for Bachelor's and Master's students
In order to retain your residence permit, your educational progress must be adequate. As a student, you must attain at least half of the number of study points per study year. Radboud University will check this at the end of every study year. If your progress is inadequate, the IND can withdraw your residence permit.

If your stay in the Netherlands will last longer than your study period, you will have to obtain an extension. The charge for this is 207 euros (subject to change). Please contact visa for more information as they will have to apply for the extension.

Sufficient educational progress - relevant for Pre-Master's students
The IND applies specific rules for Pre-Master's students: a Pre-Master is considered by the IND to be a preparatory study. A residence permit for a preparatory study is valid only for the duration of this programme, and cannot be extended.

Orientation year after graduation:
At the moment students can apply for a Orientation year after their graduation. For further information regarding the orientation year please visit the following websites:

Orientation year bachelor and Master graduates
Work in Holland
After your studies