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Continuing to develop your knowledge and skills after graduation is important if you want to keep pace with progress, deepen your expertise through professional development, deepen your knowledge and make a meaningful contribution to yourself, your organisation and society. Radboud Academy brings together all of the continued education programmes offered by Radboud University for a lifelong learning.


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Personal and meaningful continued education

Radboud Academy combines the latest scientific insights with relevant societal issues and workplace challenges. We offer a unique combination of value-driven programmes in various disciplines. You can work on your own case study under the guidance of distinguished researchers, who will provide you with valuable tools to improve your academic and practical skills. At Radboud Academy, we help you develop both personally and professionally while offering plenty of opportunities for interaction, reflection and knowledge exchange.

Vink1  Science-based knowledge and skills    Vink1Distinguished researchers and experts
Vink1  Practical applicability                              Vink1 Valuable certificate
Vink1  Social impact                                            Vink1 Various perspectives

Evaluatie deelnemers

"Underlying principles were well explained and many examples were cited and shown. It got me thinking!"
Cursist AI For Life

Evaluaties deelnemers 3

"Learning that other institutions often face the same issues and that one road does not have to block the other roads."
Cursist Sustainable Digital Heritage

Evaluatie deelnemers 1

"I took this course out of interest and I'm glad I did. Extremely engaging topics and speakers."
Cursist Dutch Colonial Heritage

Evaluaties deelnemers 2

"We were immersed in the world of our brains. With inspiring speakers, the content was highlighted in an engaging way."
Cursist Our Precious Brain

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