Radboud University

About Radboud Academy

Radboud Academy is the umbrella organisation for lifelong learning and development at Radboud University. We make the continued education programmes offered by the university and Radboud university medical center available to interested participants with a background in higher education.

Together with faculty experts, we also develop science-based continued education with a unique mix of perspectives and disciplines. Our dean and board, whose members include representatives from all seven faculties, are entrusted with safeguarding the scientific integrity of our education so we can remain a high-quality provider in the field of lifelong learning and development.

Target group

Radboud Academy is geared towards professionals and other interested parties who are committed to lifelong learning. We serve a wide audience of highly educated learners of all ages. If you hold a university or college degree, we would be happy to help you meet your continued learning objectives. We collaborate with a wide range of companies and organisations to tailor our academic programmes to practical learning needs. We believe in the power of collaboration and co-creation. Together we can create a climate of meaningful learning and development.


Radboud Academy is the university’s regional training partner, specialising in science-based and value-added post-academic education. Our programmes meet the learning, knowledge and development needs of individuals, professionals, companies and governments. In doing so, they connect the challenges of social partners with insights from education and research at Radboud University.