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Continued education per subject area

Do you want to delve deeper into your field and deepen your knowledge, expertise through professional development and learn from personal enrichment Radboud Academy provides an overview of the continued education programmes and refresher courses on offer at Radboud University and Radboud university medical center. For a detailed overview of all courses, training programmes, masterclasses and lectures (and their structure, duration and prices), use the search filter (Dutch only).

Radboud Academy - cursussen en trainingen

All disciplines

Radboud Academy serves as the link between the broad disciplines on offer at Radboud University. Together with distinguished experts and researchers in the field, Radboud Academy develops custom training programmes from a variety of disciplines for professionals, interested individuals, companies and organisations.

Radboud Academy-Radboud Centrum Sociale Wetenschappen-RCSW

Behavioural and social sciences

RadboudCSW gives social science experts the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills by connecting science and practice. We offer blended vocational (BIG) programmes and continued education for national and international professionals in the healthcare, education and social sectors.

Radboud Academy - Post Academisch Onderwijs Tandheelkunde PAOT


Post-Academic Dentistry Education offers continued education and refresher courses for dentists, orthodontists, dental surgeons, dental hygienists and dental assistants, either on location or at the Department of Dentistry at the PAT center (part of Radboud university medical center.) Are you a recent dentistry graduate? Sign the alumni update contract.

Radboud Academy - Radboud Pre-University College - PUC


Radboud Pre-University College (PUC) organises professional refresher courses for secondary school teachers. We develop curricula, teaching boxes, study days and seminars based on new scientific insights to improve the link between secondary education and higher education.

Radboudumc Health Academy - IQ Healthcare


Radboud university medical center Health Academy is the education and training institute for healthcare professionals. We offer a wide variety of courses for different target groups, ranging from doctors and researchers to paramedics and nurses.

The Ethics in Healthcare programme was specifically developed by IQ Healthcare for practitioners who want to learn more about the ethical aspects of their profession. There are also courses geared towards general practitioners and palliative care providers.

HR-professional op kantoor_

Human Resources

For HR professionals interested in sustainable employability, vitality, recruitment and selection, work experience and employer branding, Radboud Academy created an overview of all continued education offered by Radboud University in the field of human resources.

Radboud in’to Languages

Language and communication

Radboud in’to Languages offers courses in 18 languages, as well as communication courses, translation and editing services, and coaching and advice. As the leading partner in the field of language and communication, we help professionals, companies and municipalities improve their professional communication skills.

Foto 'Radboud Academy - CPO - Centrum voor Postacademisch Juridisch Onderwijs'


The Centre for Professional Legal Education (CPO) organises programmes, webinars and symposia for legal practitioners. Our lecturers encourage participants to ask meaningful questions that strike at the heart of current legal issues. This generates new insights and fresh perspectives, and in turn helps to develop more critical lawyers.

Radboud Academy - Radboud Management Academy - RMa


Radboud Management Academy (RMa) develops programmes for managers based on the social-organisational perspective. In order to ensure success in the long term, organisations must be agile and focus on creating added value while cultivating an open mindset, a keen sense of social awareness and critical reflection skills.


Municipal organisations

Radboud Academy helps elected officials, administrators and civil servants strengthen their positions by expanding their knowledge and improving their skills. We offer an overview of continued education programmes geared specifically towards government organisations.

Radboud Academy - Filosofie, Theologie en Religiewetenschappen - Radboud Reflects

Philosophy, theology and religious studies

The Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies maintains close ties with the fields of healthcare, education and politics. Examples include person-oriented care, quality education, personal leadership and purpose, politics and democracy, and religious culture. The programmes strive to combine philosophical education with an eye for the participant and the person behind the patient.

Radboud Reflects organises lectures on philosophy, religion, ethics, society and culture in which national and international researchers and scholars explore the most pressing issues of our time. Think outside the box and pass on your insights.

Radboud Academy - Faculteit Natuurwetenschappen Wiskunde en Informatica - FNWI

Science, mathematics and computer science

The Faculty of Science offers courses and programmes in the field of (medical) biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, mathematics, computer science, molecular life sciences, and natural sciences. Delve deeper into themes like energy, water, health, innovation or entrepreneurship.

Radboud Academy - Radboud Summer School

Summer courses

Radboud Summer School offers a diverse range of programmes for national and international students, PhD candidates and professionals who want to spend the summer working on their personal and professional development. These programmes are also open to anyone interested in reflecting on social themes and contributing to a more sustainable society.



Radboud Academy offers an overview of continued education courses geared specifically towards highly educated individuals who want to improve their personal and professional development in the field of sustainability. These courses focus on nature, climate and the environment.

Radboud Docenten Academie - Radboud Academy


The Radboud Teachers Academy trains educators to become creative, enterprising and academically skilled secondary school teachers. We also offer workshops, masterclasses and tailor-made programmes for teachers and educators interested in furthering their professional development in the field of didactics and education.

Personal and professional development

In addition to postgraduate education, Radboud University also offers training programmes and courses aimed at personal and professional development. These include the following:

  • The Radboudumc Centre for Mindfulness: a national expertise centre that develops mindfulness programmes for patients and the general public as well as a postgraduate mindfulness trainer programme.
  • Peitho: a knowledge centre specialising in rhetoric and persuasion, with lectures and programmes on these subjects.
  • The Titus Brandsma Instituut: a research centre for mysticism and spirituality. In addition to programmes about past and present spiritual culture, this institute is geared towards those who are interested in reflecting on their own spiritual path or social spirituality.

Custom education

If your field of interested is not included above or if you have a question about a custom programme that cannot be answered by one of our partners, please contact Radboud Academy.