Radboud University

Attend a (virtual) fair

Are you a student with an international degree interested in studying at Radboud University? We are going on tour and we may be coming to a city near you. Throughout the year Radboud University will be present at various events all over the world and maybe in your country.

Study fairs

During the study fair you can meet with Radboud University staff, students or alumni face-to-face in your country, get information, and have your questions answered about studying at our university and in the Netherlands.

If your country is not listed below but you would like to receive more information, you can always send us an email.

Date Country Name
20 September 2022 Europe Europe Virtual Fair
24 September 2022 Nur-Sultan (Astana), Kazakhstan Begin Offline Edu Fair
25 September 2022 Almaty, Kazakhstan Begin Offline Edu Fair
27 September 2022 Tashkent, Uzbekistan Begin Offline Edu Fair
29 September 2022 Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Begin Offline Edu Fair
1 October 2022 Bucharest, Romania RIUF
6 October 2022 Sofia, Bulgaria Seminar for Radboud University
6 October 2022 Madrid, Spain World Grad School Fair
8 October 2022 Zagreb, Croatia World Education Fair
10 October 2022 Bologna, Italy World Grad School Fair
12 October 2022 Everyone Eastern Europe & Central Asia Virtual Fair
19 October 2022 Thessaloniki, Greece World Grad School Fair
20 October 2022 Limassol, Cyprus Student 2022 event
20 October 2022 Athens, Greece World Grad School Fair
25 October 2022 Thessaloniki, Greece GIUF
26 October 2022 Athens, Greece GIUF
27-28 October 2022 Esch-Belval, Luxemburg Foire de l'Étudiant
4 November 2022 Cologne, Germany Master and More
5 November 2022 New Delhi, India Begin fair
5-6 November 2022 Jakarta, Indonesia EHEF
5 November 2022 Turkey Connect Masters (Virtual)
6 November 2022 Mumbai, India Begin fair
6 November 2022 Mexico City, Mexico Europosgrados
8 November 2022 Bangalore, India Begin fair
8 November 2022 Surabaya, Indonesia EHEF
8 November 2022 Monterrey, Mexico Europosgrados
9 November 2022 Indonesia EHEF
12 November 2022 Hanoi, Vietnam Begin Offline Edu Fair
13 November 2022 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Begin Offline Edu Fair
18-19 November 2022 Mandaluyong City, Philippines European Higher Education Fair (EHEF) 2022
20 November 2022 Taiwan Hybrid education fair
26 November 2022 Frankfurt, Germany Master and More
26 November 2022 The Balkans Begin Edu Online Fair
29 November 2022 Europe Europe Postgraduate Virtual Fair
2 December 2022 Hamburg, Germany Master and More
6 December 2022 Cambodia, Hong Kong and more East & Southeast Asia Postgraduate Virtual Fair