Radboud University

Five questions for Clara Araújo

Name: Clara Araújo
Programme: Diversities in Youth CareMvD-Clara-159729
From: Brazil

Why did you choose Radboud University?
I was sure I wanted to pursue a Masters degree, and Radboud had the most interesting program in the Netherlands for me! I was looking for something related to education and youth, so it was the perfect match.

What is your favourite spot on campus?
I’m not sure I have one favorite spot, but there quite a few things that I like on the campus. The view from the top of Erasmus building, for instance, is quite nice. I love the trees surrounding the campus - they look beautiful in all seasons. Oh, and this is going to sound a bit funny, but I really like the fact that I study in a building called Spinoza - I enjoyed so much reading his texts during my graduation!

What has surprised you during your stay in Nijmegen?
Well, Dutch educational system had a few surprises in store for me - but I’m surviving it! And the bicycle thing, obviously. I was completely chocked the first time I saw a mother carrying three children in a bike, or the first time I saw a couple holding hands and cycling at the same time. Such skills!

What’s your favourite thing to do in Nijmegen?
Going out with friends from all over the world: we share experiences as foreigners in the Netherlands and learn a lot about different cultures. And I love dancing, so the Salsa club in the city center is one of my favorite places!

What advice would you give new students?
Question anything you don’t understand! You will probably have a few cultural and/or educational shocks around the university, so don’t be shy in communicating them. You might even find people in a similar situation! I believe exchanging experiences is the best way to have a meaningful educational experience for students and professors alike.