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Procedure of room assignment

After admission, information on Pre-Arrival Services will be provided through Osiris. Admitted students are requested to indicate if they would like to receive assistance in finding accommodation in the Pre-Arrival Services form that can be found in Osiris.

You need to submit your Pre-arrival Services Form (= PAS) before the deadline 1 June for 1st semester and 1 December for 2nd semester to have a better chance of being offered accommodation, as we cannot offer housing to all incoming international students. As mentioned before accommodation is not guaranteed as rooms are very limited.

Check whether you are eligible for the housing service here.

If we find suitable accommodation for you (based on availability), we will contact you by e-mail. Housing offered by Radboud University is for a maximum of one year (first year of study only) and has to be confirmed within one week.

Radboud University offers rooms described under types of accommodation. We will do its utmost to provide an accommodation offer to as many incoming international students as possible.

In general housing offers will be made 1-2 months before arrival. Consequently, for students starting in August/September housing offers will be made in June/July, for students starting in February housing offers will be made in December. Students are advised to check their mailbox (including the spam mailbox) regularly in these periods for mails from housing@ru.nl, admission@ru.nl or exchangeadmissions@ru.nl.

For the terms and conditions, click here (pdf, 618 kB).

Housing offers are made in two different ways, depending on the type of accommodation.

1. SSH& Student complexes - Book your room

These rooms are owned by Student Housing Nijmegen (SSH&). The allocation of these rooms takes place via a booking system in which students choose their own room. If rooms are available at SSH&, we will provide you with a personal voucher by email. By entering this voucher code on the online booking system Book Your Room, you can see which rooms are available  at that moment and choose the one that you prefer. This voucher code is valid for 4 days only, so you will have to book a room within 4 days. Please know that no guarantees for a new voucher can be given after the first one has expired. When finalising your booking, you will immediately be asked to make the first payment by credit card (rent of first two months, registration and administration fee).

SSH& offers mixed housing, which means you share the corridor with international Bachelor's, Master's, and exchange students, male and female. Only a few women-only corridors are available.

Please note that students who receive a voucher code from Radboud University to book an SSH& room have the freedom to choose their own room. This implies that students themselves need to take their preferences into account when making a booking in Book Your Room.

It is not possible to change rooms after it has been booked.

2. All other types of accommodation

For all other types of accommodation (real estate residences, rooms sublet by students, etc.) Radboud University will send you a room offer by e-mail, which is valid for 4 days. In that case, please be aware that you can only receive a room offer once, as the demand for student housing in Nijmegen is increasingly high. If you do not accept this offer within 4 days, you will have to find a room by yourself without help from us, or you will be placed on the waiting list.

In exceptional cases Radboud University has, unfortunately, no choice but to arrange temporary (possibly shared) accommodation first. This might mean that you will have to move house (again) after arriving in Nijmegen. This is of course something we will try to avoid.

Rooms sublet by students might also be located in SSH& complexes, but cannot be booked via the SSH& reservation system Book Your Room.

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