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Our Faculty of Medical Sciences

Want to do biomedical research with a RadUMC Radbode#2-3649 2-1
strong clinical aspect? Then Nijmegen is
the place to be. The Faculty of Medical Sciences here is a collaborative faculty between Radboud University and Radboud university medical centre (Radboudumc). Both organisations are located on the very same campus.

Our programmes

The Molecular Mechanisms of Disease programme is about understanding the molecular basis of disease. It is highly selective, guaranteeing that your fellow Medische-bibliotheek_DvA-5381students will be just as motivated as you are.

The Biomedical Sciences programme will give you a thorough understanding of the molecular, individual and population aspects of human health and disease. With three Radboudumc research institutes to choose from, you can specialise in a specific field within biomedical sciences:

Why study at the Faculty of Medical Sciences at Radboud University?

  • You’ll follow a broad biomedical programme that allows you to specialise in your specific field of interest.
  • Both international Master’s programmes have been rated best in their field in the Netherlands.
  • You’ll have daily contact with established researchers, and be part of the research team.
  • The faculty is incorporated in a medical centre, so your work translates directly to the clinic (bench-to-bedside research).
  • You’ll participate in group-oriented education, using state of the art research facilities.
  • A personal tutor will help you with your study programme and career perspective.
  • You’ll get lots of hands-on experience with two research internships, one of which can be abroad.
  • We offer free Dutch language courses.
  • You can apply for various scholarships.
  • After graduation, there are numerous fully funded PhD positions available.
  • The Netherlands is a very international, open-minded country where English is spoken well by most of its residents.
  • Nijmegen is a very safe, environmentally friendly and student focused city.

About Radboud University

Radboud University is a top-notch academic environment with a strong focus on research. The university values individual responsibility and independence and offers small-sized classes to increase academic student-teacher contact.

The university is renowned for its green campus in the oldest city of the Netherlands and has a great physical infrastructure, e.g. of libraries, study facilities and laboratories. The Radboud Sport Centre is praised by students for its broad offer, good trainers and cheap rates.


About Radboudumc

Radboudumc is a university medical centre. Everything is centred around people and their quality of life. The medical centre’s mission is to have a significant impact on healthcare. With nearly 10,000 employees and 3,500 students, Radboudumc combines patient care, research, and scientific training.