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Getting around

Mobility is essential to modern life and travelling by car is an important part of it. The increasing number of cars on the already full Dutch roads has nevertheless challenged the possibilities of road traffic and caused an increase in congestion. Public transport can therefore be a suitable alternative.

Public transport / OV-chipkaart
When you travel by tram, metro (Nijmegen has neither) train or bus, you can use the same card for the buses, trains, trams and metro’s throughout the country. This card is called the OV-chipkaart (OV-chipcard).

The OV-chipkaart is the size of a bank card and contains an invisible chip. The card can be loaded with credit in euros with which you can travel anywhere within The Netherlands. More information can be found at the OV-chipcard website.

Bus discount pass
Nijmegen municipality offers its residents with a low income a special discount pass. With this pass, you can travel by bus outside of peak hours for 15 Euro's/year. More information.

Plan your journey
For travel information check the 'Door-to-door journey planner' or use the Dutch Railways journey planner if you travel by train.


For transportation in and around the city of Nijmegen, riding a bicycle is probably the most efficient. There are many options for getting a bike to use while you are here:

Driving licence
If you are planning on driving a car, you should not forget to bring your driving licence. If you are from the European Union, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein, you can use your licence during your first year of residence in the Netherlands. If you stay longer, your licence should be registered with the authorities at De Stadswinkel. In certain cases, foreign driving licences can be exchanged for Dutch ones, but only if you live in the Netherlands and possess a valid residence permit.

Those with driving licences issued in countries other than the European Union, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein, can use their licences for up to six months after their arrival in the Netherlands. Only those who possess a licence issued in the Netherlands Antilles, Aruba, Taiwan, Israel, Japan, Jersey, the Isle of Man, Monaco, Singapore and Switzerland can exchange their licences. Those with licences from other countries cannot exchange their licences, but could take a special (shortened) driving test.

In some countries, a driving licence can be obtained at the age of 16. Dutch law stipulates that you have to be at least 18 before you are allowed to drive a car. Therefore, no matter how valid your licence is in your own country, you cannot drive in the Netherlands if you are under 18.

For more information please check the local administrative office (De Stadswinkel): Mariënburg 30, 6511 PS Nijmegen, tel.: +31-24-3299000.

Office hours: Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm, Thursday 9am - 8pm.