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Disability and Study

Studying with (psychological) illness or other physical or functional limitations

The title ‘disability’ encompasses all of those difficulties that are persistent in nature and can delay the progress of your studies. These include:

  • visual, auditory and locomotory impairment
  • language and speech disturbances (including dyslexia)
  • chronic and psychological disabilities (including conditions that affect stamina, memory and/or concentration capacity or organic functions, epilepsy, rheumatism, M.E., severe migraine, shortness of stature, whiplash, RSI etc.)

Basic principles
It is a basic principle of Radboud University that all students with a disability should, as far as possible, be able to follow their chosen education without unnecessary limitation due to lack of provisions. The University aims to be an educational institution that is properly equipped for disabled students. This means that:

  • Students with a disability are fully informed about arrangements and possibilities that exist specifically for them
  • Radboud University offers the expertise needed to support students with a functional disability
  • Radboud University is open to all offers of provision that may be required for a someone to function as fully as possible a student at Radboud University
  • Radboud University is open to suggestions concerning the accessibility of buildings

The Student Affairs Office 
The Student Affairs Office is main source of information relating to students with a disability. We aim to provide resources for faculty and students who need support and student counsellors are available to help with any accommodation.

It is important that students with a disability make an appointment with a student dean or their student advisor as early as possible to make all the necessary practical arrangements. This may avoid unnecessary problems later on.

We recommend that students with a disability find out in advance what assistance Radboud University might be able to offer.
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The student counsellors can be contacted at:
Houtlaan 4, 6525 XZ  Nijmegen
Tel: +31 24 361 23 45 
E-mail: centralstudentdesk@ru.nl

P.O. Box 9102 
6500 HC Nijmegen
The Netherlands

Extra support for students with dyslexia, a chronic or long-lasting health condition, or a functional limitation

Do you have dyslexia, a chronic or long-lasting health condition, or a functional limitation? Or ADHD, ADD, depression or autism?

Radboud University has special support facilities for students like you! Don’t wait until the problems mount up or you fall behind in your studies. You have your Binding Study Advice (BSA) to think about! Make an appointment with one of our student deans before you start your study programme.

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