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Learning Dutch

Dutch immigration law allows you to come to the Netherlands for one year prior to your studies at a Dutch higher education institution in order to prepare yourself for the state examination (Staatsexamen) in Dutch as a Second Language (NT2-II). If you are preparing for the exam you can follow this course at Radboud in'to Languages.

Preparation for the state examination consists of four consecutive intensive day courses for beginners (level 0-A1 and A1-A2), intermediate (level A2-B1) and advanced (level B1-B2) students. These intensive day courses allow you to reach the level of Staatsexamen NT2 (Programme II) within 15 months. The main objective is communication in the Dutch language. All skills are developed: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

Remember: Dutch immigration law allows for exactly twelve months of preparation.

Dagcursus Nederlands voor beginners 1

At the end of twelve months you must meet the criteria that Radboud University has set for you. The preparatory year cannot be extended under any circumstances, and if you fail to meet the requirements you will not get a chance to retake the exam. This means that you should only embark on the preparatory year if you can reasonably expect to pass the required test at the end of the year. This may be very difficult to achieve if you have no prior experience with the Dutch language.

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